Advice for Grad Students

I’ll help you make the most of graduate school and give you tips to survive this competative and stressful period—without working all day (and night, and weekend).

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Getting Started

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Grad School

Is grad school really that hard? How many hours will I have to work? Will I get a job?

How to Choose An Academic Advisor

Five qualities to consider beyond their research agenda and subfield expertise.

Don’t Take Shortcuts When It Comes to Course Readings

You don’t have to read every word on every page, but you should spend time on each book or article and answer these questions.


How To Stay Productive During a Pandemic

As we get ready to start another (hopefully, the last) remote semester, here are four ideas for staying productive at home during a pandemic.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Grad Students

The academic market is tough, and you need to start thinking about it early. To be competitive, you’ll have to develop some habits that ensure you stay productive and sane. Here are mine.

Power Through Your To-Do List with Time Blocking

Stop working in reaction mode. Be more proactive about tackling big, complicated projects by making time for deep work.


How to Have More Research Ideas

There is no formula for coming up with a great research idea. But there is a formula for coming up with more research ideas…some which might be good.

How to Productively Process Feedback and Criticism

Feedback is a gift, but in this case, it truly is better to give than to receive. I discuss some strategies for dealing with the initial sting and making the most of constructive criticism.

A Long Guide to Giving a Short Academic Talk

Giving a talk is a lot like selling a car. Take them for a test drive, don’t read them the owner’s manual.

How to Learn Statistical Methods By Yourself

My 4-to-N step process for teaching myself statistical methods. And you can too.


How to Get Started with Public Scholarship

Notes and reflections from a panel with Julia Azari, Hakeem Jefferson, and Matt Yglesias.