How To Grad School

I'll help you make the most of graduate school and give you tips to survive this competative and stressful period—without working all day (and night, and weekend).

All the President’s Mentions

Members of Congress often talk about the president. As it turns out, non-presidential partisans do it a lot more. Here’s why.

Remote Python Web Scraping on a Grad Student Budget

In the summer of 2021, I taught our department’s annual short course on Python. I enjoyed teaching this class, and there are a lot of good lectures, but my favorite is the day we spend on web scraping—a skill that has a democratizing power. When you know how to scrape, the world opens up. You don’t need a team of research assistants or co-authors to create big data sources. You don’t need to limit your research to data from a few specific cases that are feasible to manually collect.

How to Have More Research Ideas

There is no formula for coming up with a great research idea. But there is a formula for coming up with more research ideas…some which might be good.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Grad Students

The academic market is tough, and you need to start thinking about it early. To be competitive, you’ll have to develop some habits that ensure you stay productive and sane. Here are mine.